Main Objectives of Horticultural Schemes

Main motive of Horticulture Schemes

  • For improvement in production and quality of horticultural crops its important to promote present modern techniques among farmers and motivate them to adopt it.
  • With less labour and less investment we should provide more benefit to the producers by deepening and changing in crop-cycle.
  • According to scientific recommendations important investments should be timely and scientifically used.
  • To form primary horticultural cooperative committees and make the effective for providing reasonable price of horticultural crops and store for regular supply, to improvise legislation and marketing facilities.
  • To provide short term and long term training in fruit and vegetable conservation, cookery, bakery, food processing, mushroom and bee keeping so and promote cottage industry and organise programs for betel development.
  • To find out problems in horticultural technology and make experimental results public.
  • To train serving officers/employees and farmers with modernized techniques and to implement it on them.
  • To provide overall development to horticulture sector through area based strategy, in which management, processing and marketing after research, technical promotion, expansion, harvesting is included, by adapting agricultural season features.