National Food Processing Mission

Name of Scheme

National Food Processing Mission


Government has prioritized the promotion of food processing industries in the country. Uttar Pradesh possesses first place in the production of Sugarcane, Potato, livestock and Milk kin the country. Possibilities of food processing industries are available in the state in terms of availability of raw material. These industries will create the employment opportunities as well as products of farmers will be monetised through processing. A “National Food Processing Mission” scheme has been executed in the state for providing financial assistance to establish food processing industries by seeing the possibilities of such industrial growth.

Objective of mission

  • To encourage activities after the plucking of fruits by establishing/improvising/modernizing the food processing industries.
  • To provide more income especially to the small and marginal farmers by utilising their available raw materials, at territory level.
  •  To enhance the capacity of food processing during the assistance of capital merging, technical transfer, upgradation etc.
  • To assist the established and working Self Help Groups/Farmers Help Groups in the Food Processing sector and help them in grooming to become micro and small scale entrepreneur.
  • To ensure the permanent employment possibilities to provide training through institutions for enhancement in the capacity and skill simultaneously to lessen the difference between availability and need of skilled man power in the food processing sector.
  • To improvise the level of food safety and hygiene according to Indian Food Security and standardization authority.
  • To provide the facility of adaptation of standardization of H.A.C.C.P and I.S.O to food processing units.
  • To improvise the capacity of farm gate infrastructure, supply chain, storage and processing.
  • To help food processing sector in making it in organised form.

Area of project working

Complete Uttar Pradesh

Provided Facilities :-

A state level empowered sub-committee has decided to provide financial assistance for establishment of food processing industries in the areas of the state under this scheme :_

Ser No

Selected Program

State assistance %

Maximum Amount


Technology Updation/Establishment/Modernization/Expansion


Rs. 50 Lakh


Cold Chain and Infrastructure


Rs. 5 Crore  + 6% interest contribution up to maximum Rs 2 crore for 5 years.

Funding Pattern

Under this scheme, state level empowered sub-committee has approved proposals of 51 organizations /units by providing overriding priority to these programs. This scheme was launched on the 75% financial share from the central government and d-linked with effect from 01.04.2015 vide Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Govt of India letter No MFPI/NMFPI/Budget-2102-17 dated 27.03.2015   
After d-linking of this scheme, state government financed 100% amount remaining for the FY 2015-16.
State level empowered sub-committee has approved grant for 51 organizations/unit.