National Food Processing Mission

Name of Scheme

National Food Processing Mission

Objective of mission

  • To promote work by establishment of food processing industries/ improvisation/ modernization.
  • To increase the income of small and marginal farmers by using their raw material at territory level.
  • Capital merging, technical transfer, up gradation etc. to support the upturn in food processing capacity.
  • To develop those who are working as helping groups/ agricultural helping group in food processing sector and to help them in achieving small or big entrepreneurship.
  • To develop the capacity and permanent employment through industrial training and to lessen the difference between need and availability of skilled labors in food processing sector.
  • To improvise the level of food safety and hygiene according to Indian food security standardization authority.
  • To provide the facility of adaptation of standardization of H.A.C.C.P and I.S.O to food processing units.
  • To improvise the capacity of farm gate infrastructure, supply chain, storage and processing.
  • To help in making food processing sector in an organised form.

Area of project working

Complete Uttar Pradesh

Funding pattern

75% center and 25% state

  • Project is D-linked through Ministry of Food processing Industries, India letter no. M.F.P.I/N.M.F.P.I/ Budget 2012-17 Date 27.03.2015 to Date 01.04.2015.
  • Under project S.L.E.C/S.L.E.C till financial year 2014-15 sub-committee had approved only 51 projects and payment was made, Details are below