Name of the scheme

Implementation of E-Governance in Food Processing Department and Strengthening of Data base.

Objective of the scheme

To provide computer and other facilities under the scheme to districts of the state, to make available necessary information/notices/schemes, related to food processing to the general public through departmental website. Compilation of necessary database and making it on-line, linkage of emails of agencies and exchanging information through the Internet.

Implementation of the scheme

Data will be uploaded through IT cell at directorate level to connect centers located in districts with directorate and for the purpose of providing information of various programs to the general public. Computer, server etc. will be arranged at all fruit preservation centers/food science centers/directorate for compilation of data and making it on-line. Expenses will be made on region level in accordance with the available budget under the scheme on heads No 12-Officer Furniture and Equipment, Head No 42-Other expenses, 46-Computer Hardware/Software Purchase and Head No 47-Computer maintenance/related stationary.

12 – Office furniture and equipment:
Photo copier, FAX machine and other necessary equipment will be included under this head apart from office furniture.
42 – Other expenses:
Payment would be made under this head to the employees for training at to the computer operators retained on contract basis.
46 – Purchase of computer hardware / software:
Payment would be made under this head for purchase of computer hardware / software.
47 – Computer maintenance / Purchase of related stationary:
All expenditure related to computer will be permissible under this head.
Fund will be spent in in computerization head under e-governance plan in food processing of plan side. Assigned funds must not be spent on any such head for which financial handbook and prior approval and sanction of government/competent official is necessary. Government sanction must be taken before making expenditure in any head for which prior approval of government is necessary.
Under any circumstances, expenditure of more than the prescribed amount for the program, should not be made and all expenditures should be made as per conditions/restrictions given in concerned government orders/relevant rules/directions. Moderation should be followed for all expenses. For any irregularity in expenditure, the concerned head of office, drawing and disbursing officer will be personally responsible.