Horticulture Development (State Sector) guidelines 2018-19 for the farmers of Scheduled Caste/Scheduled Tribes

Name of Scheme:-

Guidelines for execution of Horticulture Development Program (State Sector) for the farmers of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribes during FY 2019-20


Dense areas for the farming of various fruits, vegetables, flowers and spices are being developed at one hand because of diverse climatic and natural conditions of various areas of the state, at the other hand there is an increase in the numbers of small and marginal farmers which include the scheduled caste and scheduled tribe farmers too. If the farmers of scheduled caste and scheduled tribe are encouraged for farming of cash horticulture crops like hybrid vegetables, spices and flowers, they will get the maximum benefit against their cost of production, other expenses and labor. Simultaneously they will receive a continuous income throughout the year which will improve their standard of living.

Knowledge regarding Integrated pesticide Management (I.P.M.), marketing, newly developed farming equipment, high quality seeds and planting material, drip/sprinkler irrigation pattern, grading/packing sheds, shad net house and green house is being provided through area expansion, seminar/meeting under various horticulture development program being conducted in the state. Likewise, high quality seed and planting material is being provided to the farmers after producing the same in farmer regions and state regions.

Major objectives of the scheme:

  • To provide opportunities of production by awaring farmers of scheduled caste/scheduled tribes regarding horticulture development programs.
  • To inspire farmers for production of horticulture cash crops.
  • To increase the income level of farmers by area expansion/production for farming of vegetables, spices and flowers.
  • To make available the horticulture related technical consultation/advice in the rural areas.
  • To provide knowledge of Beekeeping program as supplementary enterprise and encourage for commercial production.
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