Working Area of the scheme will be in selected districts of the state

Implementation of the scheme

The scheme will cover in the selected districts of the state.

Selection of trainees

Programs under the scheme will be publicized through popular newspapers; banner, posters etc. and suitable trainees will be selected. Under the entrepreneurship development training program, trainees will be selected after receiving on-line applications. The admission related advertisement for the training will also be uploaded on the departmental website.

Eligibility for admission/training

The minimum qualification for admission into entrepreneurship development food processing training programs run by the department will be high school pass and the minimum age should be 18 years. The reservation policy/government order of the state government will be followed for selection of trainees. Applications are to be invited on-line. If trainees of the reserved category were not available then online application are to be invited afresh through advertisements and selection process should be followed as per rules. In case of large number of applications, selection is to be made on the basis of merit list or written test. All details viz; advertisements, list of selected beneficiaries etc. should be uploaded on departmental website.

Number of trainees/duration and fees


Entrepreneurship Development Training Program


Number of trainees -

30 per program.
  * Duration of training - 100 days (3 hours per day).
  * Training fees  - Rs 300 will be charged from each selected trainee for training program. Its deposit receipt (D-2) will be provided to the concerned and the amount will be immediately deposited in the treasurery.

Dhaba / Fast Food / Restaurant Training Program 

  * Number of trainees - 30 per program.
  * Duration of training - 14 days (3 hours per day).
  * Training fees  - Free of cost. No fees will be charged from trainees for this training program.

Quality Control and Hygiene Related Awareness Training Program

  * Number of trainees - 50 per program.
  * Duration of training -

2 days (5 hours per day).

  * Training fees - Free of cost. No fees will be charged from trainees for this training program.

General Directions

  • The information of conduct of the program must be given to the District Magistrate, Chief Development Officer, people's representatives of the area and the directorate before commencement of the training. The inauguration of the training program will be made by district magistrate/chief development officer/district level officer. People's representatives will be invited and certificates/awards will be distributed at the end of the program.
  • The monthly progress report will be sent to the directorate. Information regarding physical/financial progress is to be made available of given format by third day of every month. Information of monthly progress is also to be given by e-mail.
  • Total transparency must be ensured in implementation of the program and the benefits of the conducted program should reach to the beneficiaries.
  • Subject experts, representatives of financial institutions, representatives of government of India and experienced experts of industry who have practical and latest technical knowledge should only be invited for training programs on honorarium. It should be ensured that the invited expert is paid determined honorarium after delivering lecture in the training session and the receiving receipt is taken into record.
  • Total 06 programs have been marked for dhaba/fast food/restaurant training program and two programs (total duration of 02 weeks) must be held necessarily per training. Its mention must be made necessarily in the progress report.
  • The relevant format for application/certificate, physical - financial progress and employment generation related information is already determined by the directorate. It should be ensured that information is maintained on the given formats only.
  • A complete data base will be prepared which will have full details of the trainee. The said details will be with in-charge and one set will be sent to the directorate through proper channel so that it could be monitored from time to time. The in-charge / controlling officer will help in providing self-employment to the trainee. Format of the data base is attached.
  • Students and applicants who are working should not be selected as far as possible under food processing entrepreneurship development training program and dhaba/fast food/restaurant training program.
  • A review report of training program will be made available to the directorate after completion of each training program. The format of the report is attached. In-charge/controlling officer will be responsible for preparation of this report.
  • The closure report of financial year 2016-17, list of beneficiaries, success stories and photographs related to the program will be made available after completion of training programs under the scheme in a booklet and in soft copy to the directorate.

Determination of format / draft for application form/certificate and monitoring etc.

  • A review of physical and financial progress will be made every month at directorate level.
  • A task force of senior officials will be set up who will resolve problems in implementation of the programs and ensure quality of programs at field level and do local inspection. Monitoring of division and district wise progress will be made by directorate and senior level officials.
  • It would be necessary to achieve direct and indirect employment generation target at minimum rate of 10% after implementation of each program. This is to be followed strictly.
  • Under food processing entrepreneurship development program, besides practical knowledge, information of principles of processing and procedures, information regarding project making, management and marketing should be imparted necessarily.
  • Assistance should be given to the trainees in procuring raw material/colors, chemicals, marketing of produced items, license etc. for setting up their enterprises after training programs.