Expansion and strengthening of Government Community Fruit Preservation Centers (State sector)

Name of the scheme

Expansion and strengthening of Government Community Fruit Preservation Centers (State sector)

Objectives of the scheme

Objective of the scheme is to provide commercial food processing facility, machineries at government community fruit preservation centers to the trainees by equipping them with modern food processing facilities.

Implementation of the scheme

Under the scheme, 10 government fruit preservation centers will be strengthened this year. Selection of centers for strengthening will be made on the basis of appropriate proposal received from district offices. Priority in selection will be given to those fruit preservation centers which are being run at government buildings. Only those centers which are bring run in rented buildings will be selected who have sufficient space for machines and equipment’s. Under the scheme, purchase of any such machine will be prohibited which is already available at the center. It would be necessary for concerned center in-charge and controlling officer to certify and justify the necessity of machinery at the center at the time of sending any proposal for purchase of machinery to the directorate.


Under the above mentioned scheme, a provision of Rs 50.00 Lac has been made in the budget for the year 2016-17. The expenditure the fund will be made in the heads given below:

Serial No Item Amount (in Thousand Rs)
1. Office furniture and equipment 500
2. Maintenance 2000
3. Material and Supply 2500
Total 5000

Office furniture and equipment

For proper operation of the office, payment will be made for unavoidable expenses and for expenditure on office equipment such as photo copier, fax machine, furniture etc. and furnishing of office as per FDA standards. Year of purchase and stock entry number will be marked on concerned machine and equipment etc.


Payment will be made for expenditure on repair work at the center for ceilings, floor, walls, doors, windows, glass, furniture, wall tiles, water supply, repair or toilets and of machines.

Materials and supply

Expenditure will be made on purchase of raw material, colors and chemicals, fuel, packaging material etc. related to training programs. Expenditure would be made for expansion and strengthening of government community fruit preservation centers under plan side. Assigned funds must not be spent on any such head for which financial handbook and prior approval and sanction of government/competent official is necessary. That means, government sanction must be taken before making expenditure in any head for which prior approval of government is necessary.

Under any circumstances, expenditure of more than the prescribed amount for the program should not be made and all expenditures should be made as per conditions/restrictions given in concerned government orders/relevant rules/directions. Moderation should be followed for all expenses. For any irregularity in expenditure, the concerned head of office, drawing and disbursing officer will be personally responsible.