Employment creation through training of Dhaba/Fast Food/Restaurant

Name of Scheme: - Employment Creation through Dhaba/Fast Food/Restaurant Training Scheme

Objective of Scheme-

Demand of Dhaba/Fast Food/Restaurants for fooding material is increasing day by day in urban and rural areas. Keeping the demand of public in mind, Dhaba/Fast Food/Restaurant Training is being organised to provide clean, hygienic snacks & food to society.  Moreover, unemployed youth can also invest their capital in such businesses after getting the training and can earn their livelihood. Along with, general public can also do the same.

Implementation of Scheme-

Under this scheme, training will be organised by Government Community Fruit Conservation and Training Centres situated in various districts. Quantization of admission of minorities will be decided according to guidelines issued by the Directorate. Training program will be organised for 14 days in which teaching of cooking of whole India cuisine and other famous cuisine of India will be provided by specialized chef.
Detailed description of training is given below:



Amount (In Rs.)





Office Expense



Printing of Writing Material and Forms



Office Furniture and Equipment



Maintenance of vehicles and Purchase of petrol etc.






Other Expense



Material and Completion




Allotted amount per program is Rs. 50,000/-


Through Dhaba/Fast Food/Restaurant Training, 14 days training program will be organised for employment creation, in which 06 days lecture will be given on the basis of honorarium from guest lecturers. As guest lecturer experts from University/Technical Educational Institutions/Restaurant and Hotel Industry/Loan Providing Banks/Hotel Management Institutions/Management Institute/Tourism Department and Food Security Department etc. will be invited and will granted Rs.500/- per lecture.

Office Expense

Under this, the expenditure related to the office will be permissible.

Publication, writing stationary and printing of forms: - 

Under this particular, Trainees will be provided with literature related to program, pen, register (120 pages) and bags on which name of "Horticulture and Food Processing Department, U.P." Dhaba/Fast Food/Restaurant Training Program and Centre/Institution will be mentioned and expenses made will be included.

Maintenance of vehicle and purchase of petrol etc

Under this particular, expense made on vehicles being used for guest lecturers for picking and dropping them from their resident to training centres will be paid.

Material and Completion

Under this particular, expense will be made on purchase of raw material, colour-chemical, fuel, packaging material etc.

Other Expense

Under this particular, payment will be made of expenses made on other emergency particulars. On completion of every training program, exhibition of each product prepared by the trainees will be organised, whose inspection will be done by special guests invited there. Candidates whose products are selected on first, second and third position will be rewarded by the special guests invited.
No extra expense should be made more than released amount and should be made under conditions/provisions mentioned in Government Order/Rules/Guidelines and expense should be done accordingly. Drawing and Disbursing Officer will be responsible for any kind of irregularity in expense.
Approved amount is under certain condition, that by using the amount of money on the specified purpose along with expense detail and audit statement of account will also be presented to government timely and Ledger and accounts regarding Director, Horticulture and Food Processing Department, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow will be made available to Controller and Auditor General of India or officers authorized by them for observation/examination.
Under the following scheme, minimum two training per program will be executed. Per day training program will be executed minimum for 03 hours in which theoretical training and practical training will be of 1:30 hours each.

1. Soup and juice based Training

Under this, training for employment purpose will be provided to interested beneficiaries for various soups like carrot soup, cream of tomato soup/cream of spinach soup/cream of lentil soup/scotch broth/ginger soup/corn soup etc.


Objective and methods of cooking, complete knowledge of raw material, soup and its types (Categorization), practice of serving, hygiene and sanitation (food safety), all type of fruit-vegetable etc. based drinking products.


Approximate 15 soup-cream of tomato, mix vegetable, chicken and international soups, all type of fruit and vegetable etc. based drinking product.

2. Snacks Based Training

Under this, training for employment purpose will be provided to interested beneficiaries for various snacks like Vej Kabab, Malai Chops, Stuffed Paneer Pakoda, Vegetable Cutlet, Utpam Chatni/Upma, Spicy Macroni, Vegetable Burger, Mutton Burger, Pizza, Paav Bhaaji, Hari Dhaniya ka Roll, Sandwhich, Dhokla, Idli Dosa, Sambhar, Veg-Manchurian, Momos and Akhil Bhartiya Vyanjan etc.


Objective and method of Cooking, complete knowledge of raw material, method of baking, method of cooking cake, bread and biscuit etc. hygiene and sanitation (food safety).


Practical of various biscuit and cookies, cutlets, kabab, pizza, dalmoth etc.

3. Chinese based training 

Under this, training for employment purpose will be provided to interested beneficiaries for various dishes like chow mein, chilly paneer/chilly potato, Chinese fried rice, vegetable/paneer manchurian, Chinese chilly paneer, etc.


Chinese cooking method, hygiene and sanitation (food safety).


Soup, noodles, shanghai, manchurian, fried rice, chilly chicken

4. Continental based training (Dhaba training for rural areas)

Under this, training for employment purpose will be provided to interested beneficiaries for various dishes like Macroni Au-Gretin/Vegetable Au-Gretin, Walldraf Salad/coal Slaw, scotch eggs/shefds pai, fish-n-chips/fish-e-la anglez, spinach soufflé/pizza scalped potato/creamed potato, baked butter chicken etc.

Theoretical (A)

For urban area continental cuisine theory, hygiene and sanitation (food safety).


Vegetable Au-Gretin, closla, fish-n-chips.

Theoretical (B)

For rural area various parachha/food of certain region.


Bati Chokha, Gatte ki Sabji, Seb Tamatar ki Sabji

5. Pudding/Dessert Based Training

Under this, training for employment purpose will be provided to interested beneficiaries for various dishes like Bread Butter Pudding, Baked Coconut Pudding, Baked Chocolate Pudding, Fruit Trifal, Pineapple soufflé, Albert Pudding, Ginger Pudding, Milk cake, Kala Kand, Rasgulla, Gulab Jamun etc.


Theoretical knowledge of Pudding/dessert, bakery, hygiene and sanitation (food safety).


Various kind of bread butter pudding, ginger pudding, sulbert pudding, soufflé, kheer.

6. Bakery based training

Under this, training for employment purpose will be provided to interested beneficiaries for various dishes like Sada Bun, Fruit Bun, Pizza Base, Burger Bun, Poast, Sweet Toast, Kaju Biscuit, Naan Khatai, Coconut Cookies etc.


Theory method of cake, biscuit and bread production, deficiency and settlement of term of bakery, method of pastry, bread, cake, biscuit.


Various kinds of biscuits, cookies, patties, pastry, cake and buns.


  • Objective of cooking, information of raw material, menu planning and casting, sauce, gravy and soup.
  • Theory bakery, cake and biscuit and bread production method, hygiene and sanitation (food safety).


  • Gravy and Sauce  : -2+2
  • Burger/Sandwich  : -5
  • Spring Roll            :-2
  • Fankries                : -2
  • Various types of Momos   -2