Authority Letter (Potato)

Authority Letter (Potato)

Storeowner have the following rights regarding potato stored in their cold storages under orders issued by administration from time to time and Uttar Pradesh Cold Storage Regulation ACT 1976:-

  • Earlier booking system will be implementing for storing of upcoming potatoes in cold storages and storeowner can reserve his place in cold storage by paying fixed reservation fees. Storeowner has to point out the product and paid reservation fees in receipt/slip submitted by cold storage owner. Paid reservation fees will be refunded from total store charge at the time of clearance.
  • After unloading of goods at shed of cold storage premises, storeowner will not have to pay any extra charges except storage charges.
  • Storeowner can do weighing of at least 10 per cent of his products while keeping and while taking it back and can also do checking/inspection of his products in cold storage from time to time.
  • Those farmers who had taken loan from cold storage owners against storing products in advance, those farmers will be charged at bank charges, with more than ½ % or 15 % (whichever is less) interest. If any cold storage owner takes more interest than mentioned above, then action would be taken against him.
  • Storeowner can take back his delivery of deposited products by giving storage charges and storage receipt. Storeowner can also take delivery by paying necessary rent partially, from time to time, for which endorsement will be done on every receipt of delivery.
  • At every cold storage a complaint book will be allotted, in which storeowner can register his suggestion/complaints.

It will be the responsibility of every cold storage owner that to ensure the proceedings according to above rights of storeowner. If any cold storage owner keeps the storeowner deprived of these rights then accordingly, strict action will be taken against him.

Storeowner can register his complaint to Director, Horticulture and Food Processing, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow at 0522-280277.

R.K. Mittal

Horticulture and Food Processing Department,
U.P. Government