Aaloo Vikas Neeti 2014

Programs conducted under Aaloo Vikas Neeti-2014

1. 1.1 Objective To provide liable rate to potato farmers of their products and for over all development of potato farming, it is needed to decide the policy and all works from seed production and to export needed to be executed in a planned way. Importance of above work should be kept in mind and following objectives under U.P. Potato Development Policy-2014 should be attained:-
  • Quality seeds needed to be produced for potato farming.
  • To promote production of quality potato.
  • To promote advanced technology of potato farming.
  • To assure the stores for seeds and potato in state.
  • Promotion of marketing and export of potato out of state.
  • To promote potato based processing industry establishment.
  • Skill development and technical transfer of scientific methods to farmers for production.
  1.2 Program to promote the processed potato species in farming sector of Uttar Pradesh Production of certified potato seeds in farming sector.
  1.3 Covered District Muzzafarnagar, Meerut, Bulandshahar, Hapur, Aligarh, Hatras, Mathura, Agra, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Bareily, Badayun, Kannauj, Etawah, Kanpur nagar, Kaushambi, Lucknow, Unnao, Raibareli and Barabanki.
  1.4 Permissible grant From rate of Rs. 10,000/- per hectare payment of state assistance will be transferred to farmers’ accounts through Direct Benefit Transfer (D.B.T). 
  1.5 The eligibility conditions for applying
  • Farmers should have their own land.
  • Farmers should have sufficient resources for irrigation.
  • Farmer should have interest in authentication and production of potato seed.
  • Farmers will have to take processed species authenticated seed from horticulture department or from some other institution whose receipt will be presented to district horticulture officer.
  • Farmer has to do registration in U.P. State Seed Certification Institute after which inspection/testing of crops is to be done and tagging of productive potato seed is essential to do. Immediately after on the basis of certification institution report payment would be transferred to farmer’s account.
  1.6 Permissible area
  • After organizing farmer group it is compulsory to each farmer to have land in one account in at least 5 km hectare area cluster in 1 square Km.
  • There is provision of providing at least ½ hectare boundary grant to each farmer of the group.
  1.7 How to Apply
  • Under the policy it’s compulsory for farmers have to do registration in departmental website at related District horticulture officer’s office.
  • To take benefit of policy farmers have to do online registration on upagriculture.com. Farmers can do online registration at cyber cafe, customer care service, Farmer Lokvani Institution or through self-owned resources.
  1.8 Guidelines of policy
  • To promote potato seed production institute of private sector for potato seed production.
  • After first seed of potato, Potato seed producing farmer groups and developing farmers need to get certification from state seed certification institute for advanced categories- based on second, first certified and second category seed.
  • To promote mechanism, automation and sprinkler dip system of irrigation to receive more quality production in per hectare area and to reduce labor cost in potato seed production.
2. Organising of Potato exhibition and buyer seller meet event in other provincials out of state To promote productive potato in Uttar Pradesh out of the state events are organised like potato exhibition and buyer seller meet. This event is being organised out of the state in those provinces where marketing of potato is possible at its best and its being organised by managing director, U.P. State horticulture Cooperative marketing. There is a provision of Rs. 3.00 lac for each program for per potato exhibition and buyer seller meet under each program.
Farmers are being selected along with their products to participate in potato exhibition and buyer seller meet.
3. Policy of basal/certified potato seed distribution
  • Farmers will be recorded in register according to first-come-first-take policy which is adopted for distribution of basal first/basal second category potato seed by related district horticulture officer.
  • Basal first and basal second potato seed distribution will be distributed among the farmers of group according to the priority.
  • While distribution of potato seed distribution one thing should be kept in mind that in area of at least 5 km hectare area potato seed production program will be done in field of farmer producing potato seed. This program is organized according to the rule of U.P. State Seed Certification Institute so that farmers will have to pay lesser inspection fee.
  • It is compulsory for every beneficiary of group to produce seed on at least 0.50 hectare area.
  • For potato seed production at cost value of 35 quintal seed per hectare will be made available.
  • Every farmer who produces potato seed will have to do tagging and packing after production, registration at U.P State Seed Certification Institute and testing of crops.

Departmental procedure for receiving construction license of New Cold Storage

1. Departmental procedure for construction of new cold storage/receiving of license

(a) For construction of cold storage/receiving of license first entrepreneur has to take construction permission from license officer (cold storage) and then construction should be started, for which following records are needed:-

Form for permission of construction

    • Application form in prescribed format
    • Photo copy of power approval.
    • Details of land ownership
      • Area of land
      • Copy of Sale deed/ Posted
      • Whether land is on rent-agreement or not

Note- If land is on land agreement/lease then registration form

If cold storage is operated on ant private limited company then record of ownership of land on company’s name

    • Map of proposed cold storage should be according to manuals of provisons
      • Site Plan
      • Detail Plan
      • Provision of pre cooling in plan
    • If business will be done by private limited compant then memrandum of articles abd if done in partnership then registered partnership deed by firm registrar.
    • Project report.
      • Within two years of after completion of cold storage construction the first thing needed by enterprenuer is records mentioned below

Form for license

      • Application form in prescribed format (Form number-2)
      • Competent engineer certificate regarding robust construction of the building.
      • Competent engineer certificate regarding machinery.
      • If power load is not approved before permission then photo copy of power load approved thematic paper.
      • Certificate regarding availability of generator
      • List of Machinery.
      • Partnership deed/memorandum.
      • Documents related to insurance.
        • Building machinery and stock (fire and other type of damages)
        • Machinery break down.
      • Original blueprint of map after construction (Measurement in meter)
      • Original treasury invoice of deposited money for license receiving.
      • Detail of cold storage license and renewal fees (Valid for one year)
S. No Capacity of storing in cold storage in cubic Official cold storages license fees Governmental cold storages renewal fees Private cold storage license fee Private cold storage renewal
1- From 01 to 282 1100 600 1500 800
2- More than 282 to 7000 4500 2600 6000 3500
3- More than 7000 to 15000 7500 4500 10000 6000
4- More than 15000 11200 7500 15000 10000

Issued certificate from competent under National building code 2005. For proceedings enterpreneur alongwith application form all forms and documents are to be presented to district horticulture officer. After site inspection within 10 days related district horticulture officer along with his recommendation will present application form to deputy director horticulture. Immediately after deputy director will present application form to licensing officer (cold storage), / director horticulture and food processing department, UP, who will be responsible for issuing license within 10 days, (if found eligible) after verification of records.

    • As per establishment of multi-orbital/multi-purpose cold storage owner of cold storage will get aid of 35 percent or maximum Rs. 1.40 crore of costing prices of plant, machinery or technical civil park under State Assistance National Horticulture Mission Plan.
    • After consulting from bank and completion of all formalities, application form has to be presented at related bank for receiving loan.